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Phanes Beauty, placed in Essen, Germany, which has become the leading company in the beauty and medical aesthetics industry in Europe. United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Turkey, Hungary, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Pakistan is located in Phanes Showrooms. We aim to provide German High-Tech and Quality beauty equipment that manufactures worldwide with German engineering.
Phanes has succeeded in transferring its years of experience into the development of high-tech products as our company gives importance to innovation in the beauty world. Therefore, Phanes always will be the leading institution of global beauty and aesthetics that brings to the market different solutions.
Here, you will also discover our commitment to the communities where we live and work; how we protect and sustain the environment we all share; our pioneering technology and innovation that builds a better future; the high-quality beauty products.
In this sense, we will provide you with theoretical and practical training to the specialists who will use the device and we will convey to you all our knowledge and experience about the aesthetic world. All participant training certificates are issued by Cha Academy of Cosmetology Germany after the trainings. Training videos and instruction manuals are provided for all Phanes products in order to maintain uninterrupted customer satisfaction throughout our training.
We continue to export the beauty products that Phanes produce in Germany to many countries of the World.

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