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Fiber Diode Laser

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The New Generation of  Diode Hair Removal

With the new technology in laser science, 808 nm diode laser could be preferentially absorbed by the melanin of hair and this laser energy could destroy the oxygen-supply organization of and around hair follicle, then it could remove hair permanently. It has 3 wavelengths together in one headpiece. You can use 755 nm. Alexandrite, 808 nm. Diode and 1064 nm. ND:Yag laser wavelengths together. Moreover, the skin types will be higher than the others.

The new generation of diode hair removal technology that has 150 gr. ultra-light headpiece. You can shoots up to 25 million with Fiber Diode Laser. You can have much more advantages with long lifetime and painless treatments.

It has intelligent adjustment for the output energy according to the treating head moving.

The treatments are safe and effective for all skin types with Fiber Diode Laser. The sessions are more comfortable with sapphire ice cooling system.

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fiber diode laser-phanes germany- phanes laser-mormed

Technical Specifications

Laser TypeFiber Coupled Diode Laser
Energy density1-120J/cm2
Shot frequency1-10Hz
Pulse width5ms – 400ms
Spot sizes12*12mm & 8*8mm
Cooling typeSapphire contact cooling
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Gold Standart For Hair Removal

The energy output is given uniformly and very evenly by the 12*12 mm. sapphire headpiece. The flash lamp produces very short, IPL, which are absorbed by melanin, the pigment of the hair. The light is converted into heat energy in the hair root and effectively destroys these as well as the germ cells in the hair follicle. This permanently stops hair growth. The Phanes Fiber 3in1 Diode laser works with extremely short pulses at high energy. As a result, unwanted hair can be treated throughout the year, including the summer periods, as well as all skin types (white to dark skins).

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