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Dual Power Hair Removal

Phanes Beauty Germany, the only medical aesthetic manufacturer in Germany and designing the hardware, software, and industrial designs of the technologies it produces, is now on sale with its new generation dual system hair removal technology.

It is a new generation IPL hair removal system that you can use without any problems with the Phanes Dual Power System, which is 100% German engineering. While designing the high technology we use in our Phanes Beauty Germany products, we produce them according to the principle of trouble-free, durable device quality and uninterrupted customer satisfaction.

Dual Power System developed by Phanes Beauty using the latest technology 610-1200 nm. It is the most effective hair removal technology in the world, with the power to easily destroy all types of hair with a wavelength in the range.

Dual Power, which starts to burn the hair easily from its initial energy of 1 joule, has much longer-lasting and durable heads.

Fine hair, thick hair, light and dark skin; It destroys the hair with its 3-dimensional and flawless power with the German radiation technology we developed at the point where all other epilation technologies fail to succeed. With the Dual Power System, much more effective and precise results are obtained.

In the Dual Power System, which uses high German engineering, we have brought together square pulsed light ice technology and renewed Alexandrite cold air blowing systems with Pulse in a single device for you.

With the new generation Dual Power System that you expand your customer portfolio by minimizing your device costs and provide uninterrupted customer satisfaction.

 Phanes Laser Germany always breathes new life into hair removal technologies. With its Pulsed light technology that provides a more effective hair removal than Alexandrite lasers, it has a higher success rate in fine hairs that Alexandrite lasers cannot affect and a higher success rate in dark skin.

Dual Power is capable of all skin types. Hair removal sessions will create much more effective and incredible results even on dark skin and fine hairs that are difficult to epilate.

With specially designed German Phanes cooling systems, your customers will experience epilation comfort at its peak. With Dual Power, which has a dual system that you can use comfortably and uninterruptedly for 4 seasons, you can either do 3D epilation from above or perform comfortable sessions with the SHR ice cap, which minimized the risk of skin burning.

Thanks to the new generation German technology specially designed in the double system, you can challenge time by shooting faster and much more effectively.

 With the specially designed HYGIENE headpiece apparatus, you and your customers will be protected from all viruses, bacterias, and COVID-19.


The biggest feature that makes the Dual Power System different and effective from other hair removal technologies; its ability to completely destroy the hair in 3 dimensions.

610-1200 nanometers used in Dual Power System. The Dual Power System is the most effective epilation technology in the world, which can destroy the hair follicle in the most effective way by dividing the laser light into equal shots within milliseconds. Moreover, thanks to the wavelength that can change between the wavelengths and the Pulsed radiation technology.

Thanks to the changeable head apparatus, you will now be able to perform personalized HYGIENIC hair removal sessions.

With its different system, you will be able to use both without gel and without a razor, you will be able to apply more hygienically without COVID-19 and get more effective results.

You can apply painlessly and comfortably with integrated German special cold air systems developed to protect the skin and increase epilation comfort.

Thanks to the personalized head apparatus of the Dual Power System, you can get a great advantage by minimizing your consumption costs.


With the Dual Power System, we have eliminated the hygiene problems as well as the technology revolution.

We offer much more HYGIENIC laser hair removal with personalized head attachments.

You will feel even more special with the Dual Power System.

Technical Specifications

Wavelength755nm + 808nm + 1064nm
Laser Output1200w/2800w
Frequency1-10Hz-Pulsed Light Technology
Spot Size5cm2/8cm2
Pulse Duration1-10ms/1-10ms
Cooling SystemGerman Power Cooling System
Sapphire Contact Cooling-18 C
Operate Interface12.1 inch Color Touch Android Screen