FAT REDUCTION & Body Contouring


The electrostumilation; It is a system that makes active exercise of muscles while it is passive by moving your muscle fibers rhythmically.

With the help of electrostumilation pads, the stimulating currents move on the muscles to relax and relax your muscles at different intervals and allow you to exercise.

The benefits of these movements of muscles; First of all, it provides active sports effect to the muscles and converts and consumes the stored fats into energy as well as restoring the tight muscles that have lost their elasticity. Therefore, cellulite tissues dissolve. Especially abdominal, hip and inner legs are tightened and recovered again.

As it stimulates the motor points of the main muscle groups, it causes these oils to be consumed as energy. This acceleration of metabolism and stimulation of the muscles requires a high rate of calories, causing the melting of fats from the desired region. Although electrostimulation is a very relaxing treatment, it is a candidate for being the most ambitious device of the slimming centers with its muscle recovery and active results obtained from active gymnastics.

Technical Specifications

MeterialPlastic & Iron
OperationButton control, easy to operate
VoltageAC200-240/50Hz  AC100-120/50Hz
Packing Size104*53*55CM
Gross Weight11KG