FAT REDUCTION & Body Contouring


Phanes Fat Ex  is a system used in the treatment of cellulite as well as regional fat treatment. The main advantage of cavitation is that it is painless and comfortable treatment. Fat Ex is a method based on the spread of new generation high focused ultrasound applied to the outer surface of the skin, sudden and high pressure changes in the cell fluid in adipose tissue. It is a non-invasive method that acts with regional fat and cellulite by means of sound waves technology.

Fat Ex Slim is a powerful and effective system used to break down insoluble depot oils in the waist, abdomen, belly, arms, hips and back, to dissolve the settled regional fat primarily and to help reduce the appearance of cellulite areas.

Another feature of the Fat Ex application is the ability to change the setting of powerful ultrasound waves at the same time provides benefits for skin tightening.

Through the application of Fat Ex Slim, the fat cells that accumulate in certain parts of the body and cause regional surpluses become irreversibly burst and become liquid.Fat Ex is an ideal regional slimming method, especially for patients who are afraid of injections or needles. Fat cells, which become liquid, are excreted by lymphatic drainage.


  • With Fat-Ex Slim slimming and cellulite technology, thinning between 2 cm and 15 cm can be achieved in a single session.
  • Fat-Ex Slim is a method of removing the accumulated fat from the body.
  • It is a process applied to break down the fat cells accumulated in certain parts of the body by the method we call the Fat-Ex Slim system.
  • In addition to regular sports and nutrition, it ensures the breakdown of fat cells in stubborn areas when applied.
  • Fat-Ex Slim application can be applied for women and men.
  • From the first session of the Fat-Ex Slim application, there is a visible thinning.
  • After the Fat-Ex Slim application, the person starts to lose weight more healthily.
  • During the Fat-Ex Slim application, the person should pay attention to his nutrition.
  • Fat-Ex Slim should be supported with sports and regular nutrition.


Fat-Ex Slim system includes a non-invasive treatment aimed at regional slimming and tightening of the skin by reducing the volume of fat cells with ultrasound and radiofrequency waves.
In this system, the mechanical energy of ultrasound and dual radiofrequency energy is sent to the adipose tissue simultaneously and together. A special nozzle is used to ensure that this energy reaches the fat mass at the targeted depth and that this fat tissue is heated. There is a thermometer on the head that allows the desired temperature (39.5 – 42.5 oC) to occur on the patient’s skin surface to be continuously measured and kept within this range. In order not to exceed the desired temperature values, the ultrasound and radiofrequency energy output values must be adjusted continuously.

In addition, a cooler in the caps come into contact with the skin, cooling the skin surface and protecting its structure. The mechanical energy of ultrasound and radiofrequency energy together help to reduce the volume of fat cells and tighten the skin tissue.
In addition to regional slimming, it is also effective in cellulite, as it affects the opening of fibrotic matrix fat structures. It provides very fast and positive results in areas where it is difficult to get a response with other weight loss methods such as arms, backside areas, and above the knees.

The Embedded Energy Flow Control System (EFC) helps the treatment to be fast and effective by providing regular energy distribution. Clinically tested. Studies have shown that it has no side effects on internal organs.
While the mechanical energy of ultrasound and radiofrequency energy targets the deep fat layers, the coolant on the surface regulates the skin temperature and preserves its structure.

The mechanical energy of ultrasound helps to open the fibrotic matrix fat structures. Thus, the fat cells become ready for treatment. Radiofrequency energy also heats the deep tissues and initiates metabolic activity and the volume of fat cells decreases.

Does Fat-Ex Slim massage provide permanent weight loss?

Regional thinning, which is the most preferred among Fat-Ex Slim weight loss techniques, can provide permanent weight loss in the person. However, people who return to their old eating habits after losing weight may gain weight again. After losing weight with this method, you should continue to exercise. In addition, this method will help people achieve a slimmer form by providing tightening in their bodies rather than losing weight.

How does the Fat-Ex Slim method provide an advantage in weight loss?

While the Fat-Ex Slim application has many advantages, the advantages of regional thinning are also among the benefits of this application. Fat-Ex Slim application is more preferred by people who do not prefer liposuction or surgical intervention or who are

afraid of these procedures. No matter how hard they try, it helps people who cannot get rid of their excess weight healthily and proportionally. and freezing the fat cells in the parts where they are collected in a single area, ensures the disintegration of these cells. All these advantages are among the reasons why many people prefer this application.


Does the Fat-Ex Slim application provide slimming?

This regional slimming method, which shows its effect even after the first application, will improve the morale of the person with its contribution to healthier and proportional weight loss.
However, in the application performed in sessions, the person should continue to eat and exercise regularly between sessions. Again, in the periods between sessions, it is recommended that people who have the application drink plenty of water.