FAT REDUCTION & Body Contouring


It is a pressure therapy applied from the lymph points in the body to the bottom of the foot and under the chest. It accelerates the lymphatic and venous circulation in the body and ensures the removal of toxins as well as clearing the fluid accumulated between the vessels. Relief is provided in edema-painful leg conditions caused by various diseases. The lymph drainage device provides easy removal of toxins, edema and fats burned after fat burning.

In the recovery of loose muscle tissue and body sagging, varicose veins, edema and sagging after pregnancy, cellulite problem, usually alone or in addition to other cellulite and regional thinning treatments depending on the condition of the problem.

In the garment, a special set of vacuum and pumps known as Pressotherapy device are applied to the lymphatic drainage by affecting the vascular and lymph circulation under the skin. Excess weight is excessive; pre-menstrual period edema occurs in the body; people who complain about cellulite get rid of all these problems due to lymph drainage.

There are 5 special pressure application areas in pressure garment used in the treatment of pressotherapy. These pressure points apply intermittent pressure to accelerate muscle circulation, muscle contraction, vein under the skin, and lymph circulation. During the pressotherapy application, the pressure is first administered remotely, and the calf leg continues to rise in the shape of the abdomen chest.

The pressoterapi device allows the easy burning of toxins, oils that are burned after ovulation and fat burning.

Technical Specifications

Voltage100-120V, 220V-250V
Frequency50Hz / 60Hz
Packing Size132*58*45cm / main machine, 82*48*16cm / clothes
Air pumpOutput: 25L/min
Wire Length1.8m