Skin Aesthetics


Plasma Pen, the nitrogen cold plasma energy we create transfers rapidly to the skins epidermal layer, whilst simultaneously heating and disrupting the deeper dermal structure via thermal conduction. We can sustain our nitrogen plasma discharge for as long as we like thanks both to our continuous AC power source and our devices fingertip, on-demand control. Multiple failsafes within the device ensure that if we touch the skin or are too far away from it then the creation and delivery of plasma immediately ceases.

It acts by transforming the nitrogen and water vapor, which is gaseous in the zone environment, into plasma with high energy. The ion cloud, which is the result of interaction, an acts the surface of the skin and regenerates very quickly. Plasma energy can also be used for topical eyelid aesthetics without skin rejuvenation or plasma energy.

And also there are ozone therapy (cold plasma technology) headpieces for the skin tightening and skin therapy. Yo can use 2 different functions in one device which is portable.


Relationship between the electrode thickness and the tissue to be operated as following: The larger sectional area, the more dispersed spark, the larger wound, and the worse effect; the smaller sectional area, the more concentrated spark, the stronger cutting force, the smaller and neat wound, and the faster repair. It is ideal to use a thinner electrode for its small sectional area, favourable toughness and plasticity, which is easy to bend into different angles and adapt to the operation of various parts.



Ozone function: Cold Plasma produce ozone by electrolyzing oxygen in air through high frequency electric ions. Ozone acts on bacterial cell membrane, damages membrane components and destroys lipoproteins and lipopolysaccharides in the membrane, changes cell permeability, causes cell dissolution and death, thus killing bacteria, fungi and mites in a very short period of time, inhibiting inflammation and eliminating acne. What’s more, ozone is deoxidized to oxygen after sterilization without residue and secondary pollution.

Skin rejuvenation function: accelerate skin metabolism, promote collagen regeneration, alleviate skin aging and so on. Relieve itching caused by allergy and dryness. Inhibit melanin, brighten skin color, refine skin texture, shrink pores, improve skin elasticity, anti-aging, and improve allergic dermatitis.

Technical Specifications

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