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Why Phanes?

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We have made easier for you to have Phanes Beauty & Aesthetics devices which the most effective and high quality beauty technologies in Europe. If you want to meet Phanes Beauty & Aesthetics technologies before you own it that you have benefit to visit Phanes Showrooms in D├╝sseldorf, Roermond, Paris, Istanbul, Izmir. Phanes Beauty & Aesthetics team will definitely help you to be more satisfied. When you decide to buy Phanes Beauty & Aesthetics products, you will have great advantage and experience by decreasing the time periods of choosing devices.

Why Phanes?

You're always welcome to join Phanes Family

Would you like to join the Phanes family that gives new breaths in the beauty and aesthetics market? You can impersonate the Phanes Beauty & Aesthetics Germany all over the world. You can be the distributor of Phanes Beauty & Aesthetics, which is the most effective and advanced beauty systems in your country. You can be a permanent part of Phanes Germany team by making sales in different cities around the world. Please send your CV and requests to the following e-mail to join the Phanes Germany family that is integrated with the team, whose goals are clear, stable, open communication and transparency. Human Resources department will contact with you as soon as possible.

Why Phanes?
Technical Service

German Engineering and Worldwide Technical Support

Phanes Germany Technic, who is aware of how important after sales support is for our customers, we guarantee to provide all technical supports within 48 hours. Phanes Beauty & Aesthetics, which is the most influential and high tech beauty technologies, is covered by 1-year international warranty. We can extend the international warranty period for you in 1-3 and 5 year periods that you can choose options and extend your warranty periods. You can fix your other costs of spare parts for 1 year with advantageous options, that Phanes Germany presents you. So you can save your money. Hence, you can continue to work flawlessly without worrying about your consumable costs.

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