Phanes Beauty

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Phanes Beauty, a German brand, continues to grow steadily around the world. Phanes, which has sales centers in many European countries, has taken its place in Baghdad – Iraq. Phanes Showroom has opened in Baghdad that growing center of attraction of the Middle East.

Phanes Iraq CEO Dr. Khalil Alzuhairy and Phanes Beauty Global Chairman of the Board Ahmet Akin came together in Phanes Turkey Head Quarter and made pre-opening evaluations.

Mr. Akin; while conveying that they will achieve successful works in Iraq and other Middle East countries with Dr. Khalil. Mr. Akin said that he will support Dr. Khalil and Phanes’s Baghdad team. Having accomplished successful works in the beauty industry before, Dr. Khalil has had academic works in the beauty industry for a long time.

Phanes Iraq showroom, which opened its doors to the people after detailed works. Now started to exhibit the latest and advanced beauty technologies. Phanes Beauty, which attracted great interest in the Iraqi people in a short time, will continue to take place in different countries in a short time.

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