With the growth of age, skin aging usually starts around 25 years old, and becomes mote and mote obvious after 30 years old. The main reason is the blood circulation of skin slowing down, the subcutaneous adipose layer becomes slack and inelastic, and the loss of collagen and water in the basal layer of the skin causes various skin problems, such as dark complexion, age sport, scurf, acne, dry lines, fine lines.

Skin aging is a natural factor, but also caused by non-natural factors and becomes earlier aging phenomenon, the human skin tissue is increasingly developed after birth, the function is gradually active, when a certain age will degenerate, this degeneration is often unconsciously between people.

There is a thick layer of dermal tissue under the epidermis of human skin, 90% of which is collagen. It is an important component of skin tendons, bones and so on. As skin aging begins, water-soluble collagen increases while water-soluble collagen decreases, so skin elasticity decreases, reticular tissue fiber harden, and skin aging accelerates, which will result in wrinkles, relaxation and sagging.

Phanes Beauty Face is to replace the traditional minimally invasive technique with non-invasive injection. The specially formulated water-light material is sprayed onto the dermis layer of the skin, and the radio frequency and electric pulse technology are applied to the skin at the same time. After Beauty Face makes skin in a relaxed state, and the electroporation ultra-micro-infiltration technology from the point to the surface causes the skin to react physically under the influence of the pulsed current. Furthermore, rapidly opens 650-800 small pores in 2 seconds to form an electronic transport channel. Its dexterous combination three functions of electric pulse, freezing and radio frequency, which is more advanced and effective than traditional needle mesotherapy.

Phanes Beauty Face is base on the concept of ” injection free “ for innovation and research, compounding peptides, nanopeptides, and nanosomes to simulate the cell structure epidermis. The cells are returned to a young state with specific active substances. Quickly direct cell actives to the dermal layer of the skin, awaken the stimulating cell activity, and enhance the cell’s 100% effectiveness。


Utilizing electric pulse technology in combination with efficient active commodities complements each other to achieve effective absorption of nutrients. In the safest and fastest situation, 99% of the nutrients are transported to the deeper layers of the cells. Using ice cooling technology to shrink pores and effectively store nutrients for 72 hours.

Furthermore, Beauty Face is using the high-energy radio frequency to form the focal plane, selectively acting on the dermis tissue of about 2.6~3mm under the skin.  Instantly activate the skin collagen fiber, promote the proliferation of collagen, and gradually combine collagen molecules into ordered collagen.

The effect of firming and wrinkling that you can stop aging. In addition, radio frequency also affects the concentration of electrons and ions around the cell membrane. Thereby, improving the permeability of the cell membrane and enhancing the permeability between cells, thereby facilitating the penetration of moisture and nutrients on the surface of the skin into the dermal tissue and enhancing the absorption effect of the cosmetic products.

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