As it is known, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on human health. The global epidemic, which poses a great threat to the health of all people in the world, has negatively affected life. Our forgotten health suddenly gave way to extreme hygiene and healthy living. We left our daily routines aside and turned to foods and nutritional supplements that will strengthen immunity. We are very sorry for the many people who passed away, but this epidemic has once again seriously shown us how important the human body and immune system are. Despite the fact that almost 2 years have passed since the start of the pandemic, fear has gripped the world again, with still changing variants. Vaccines for humanity, all world health workers who have been fighting heroically since the beginning of the pandemic… The world is grateful to you.

This epidemic has also led to a change in our way of life by closing many countries to their homes. We had to continue our professional working life from home. We have carried meetings, conferences, and many of our works to digital life. Maybe the world would not have been digitized so fast had it not been for the pandemic.

We have always talked about the negativities, but the pandemic has had a positive impact on the beauty and cosmetics sector as well as made a great contribution to many sectors. During the quarantine period at home, many women, and at least men as much as women, began to attach great importance to their personal care and appearance. We have all resorted to many natural or cosmetic products for beautification and healthy skin in our new lives that are behind the routine life. According to the researches, since the beginning of the pandemic period, the majority of online shopping has consisted of personal care products.

Beauty and personal care products have become an indispensable part of our lives in this period, where the importance of health has increased as well as its external appearance. The number of cosmetic products in women’s bags has increased even more. In fact, it does not surprise us to see personal care products in men’s bags or cars anymore.

At the beginning of the gradual normalization period, when people left their homes, hairdressers, beauty centers, and spa centers, which were among the places they visited, were filled with people. It was very difficult to find a place due to the reservation density for a long time, and it is still necessary to make a reservation much earlier than the normal period in many places. Online shopping sites still have difficulties in supplying many cosmetics and beauty products and the product is not available. In fact, many cosmetic manufacturers are expanding their product range and making more investments in the sector.

Social media and the number of users constantly increasing from the beginning of the pandemic period, which entered our lives rapidly, triggers that people’s appearance should be better, even perfect for some. This trend contributes the most to the beauty and cosmetics industry. It seems that these new habits brought by our new lifestyle will increasingly continue from now on.

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