Body Sculpture
Body Sculpture

Cryolipolysis is a controlled, simple and rapid procedure that freezes fat cells in the undesirable region of the body without damaging surrounding tissues, which is destroyed.

Body Sculpture is a 4D surrounding cooling system which transfers targeted cooling energy thoroughly to the treatment area and also delivers faster energy through its highly cooling conductive applicator. This non invasive cryolipolysis fat reduction procedure makes fat cells under a process “apoptosis”, released out of our body through human natural metabolism.

It integrates cryolipolysis, cold, vacuum and soft laser together. Vacuum suction draws out fat tissue into handle, triglyceride in fat cells will be frozen into solidity, and dead under temperature of 4 to -10 centigrade by cryolipolysis applicator.

This non-invasive cryolipolysis fat reduction procedure makes fat cells under a process “apoptosis” and released out of body through human natural metabolism. Cryoliplysis technology is the best way on fat reduction for local areas. This method is suitable for people who do not have excess weight and only have fat in certain areas.

For good results, plenty of water should be drunk, activities should be increased and healthy nutrition should be provided.

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