Cha Beauty Academy

Be Your Own Master

If you are taking a new step in the aesthetic sector, CHA Academy of Cosmetology will help you to gain more information and experience about all beauty technologies and also medical practices.

While Phanes Beauty & Aesthetics  Germany offers you multi-technological and high quality products, on the other hand we help you become a specialist in your branch.

We are adopting the principle that education is extremely important in beauty and aesthetic world. CHA Academy of Cosmetology sees education as a social responsibility project in order to ensure that the patients who will be treated with Phanes Beauty & Aesthetics Germany devices, get the best and most effective results and protect against any side effects that may arise from problems caused by user errors by device trainings. Also you can be your own beauty master and expert of the CHA Academy of Cosmetology. You may have your International Beauty Certificates after your Academy periods.

In this sense, CHA Academy of Cosmetology will provide you with theoretical and practical training to the specialists who will use the device and we will convey to you all our knowledge and experience about the aesthetic world. All participant training certificates are issued by CHA Academy of Cosmetology after the professionals trainings.

Our training centre is equipped with interactive visual and auditory technology together with our practice department, which is a leading manufacturer of the aesthetic industry and produces Phanes Beauty & Aesthetics Germany technologies. Participants are participating in the training are able to receive perfect education by gaining more permanent experience together with live applications and models.

Training videos and instruction manuals are provided for all Phanes Beauty & Aesthetics products in order to maintain uninterrupted customer satisfaction throughout our professional trainings.

As the Phanes Germany family, we believe that; with a professional education, there is no difficulty you cannot overcome.

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