Fractional RF is based on the fractional laser technique of radio waves which is a technology that can reach directly under the skin without affecting the surface of the skin. Controlled damage of the skin and repair cells are brought to the region where collagen production is increased. After treatment, a brighter, tighter and healthier skin can be created.

Fractional Radio Frequency application is generally preferred by people who are presently due to environmental factors and whose maturity, skin wrinkles, skin problems, skin sagging, and skin quality are desired to increase. With Fractional Radio Frequency, successful results can be obtained in acne, scars and cracks.



Phanes Gold Needle skin spot treatment device is an ideal solution for spots and wrinkles on our skin with its high effect and practical application. It is also possible to apply facial spot treatment with this device.


The face and skin spot treatment machine has been produced with high technology so that you can use it safely.


Skin spots that show themselves in the summer months when the sun is effective and begin to decrease in the winter periods are an important skin problem that needs to be treated. It contains radio frequency therapy technology.

Fractional RF Micro Needling uses very tiny microneedles to deliver safe radio frequency energy into the deeper layer of the skin where collagen and elastin fibers form support structures. The polarity of the energy emitted creates arcs of energy between the microneedles, delivering energy below the skin’s surface to remodel the skin without the visible top-layer downtime of previous technologies.

By delivering the majority of the energy to the mid-level dermis, Fractional RF Micro Needling targets the skin’s underlying support system of collagen fibers and restructures any areas that have damage due to acne scarring. Rebuilding the skin’s support system allows the epidermis, the top-most layer of the skin, to be smooth and strong.


Fractional RF is a powerful skin technology innovation segmented dot matrix RF micro crystals to deliver “skin nutrition” directly to deep skin cells. Effectively, treating acne, shine, yellowing dullness, light scars, pregnancy skin problems such as large pores, super scars, and wrinkles. 70 days can make the skin firm and restore tenderness and elasticity.

Radio frequency (RF) fractional resurfacing is a non-invasive treatment delivering non-specific heat to target the dermal tissue (the deeper layer of the skin) while the outer layer of the skin (epidermis) remains relatively intact. This micro-injury to the dermis stimulates collagen production, resulting in a reduction in fine lines, mild to moderate wrinkles, skin laxity, acne and acne scarring. On higher settings, the treatment has a resurfacing effect and may be used to improve general skin texture and appearance, along with treating early or mild acne scarring and scars of other origins.

Nowadays, it is preferred to apply Fractional Radio Frequency to people who have matte, fine wrinkles on the skin as a result of the environmental factors and as a result of advancing age, who have blemish problems, who are at the initial stage of skin sagging and who want to improve skin quality.

Fractional Radio Frequency also provides successful results in acne scars and stretch marks.

Phanes Fractional RF concentrates its energy into the most important part of the skin that is responsible for the textural irregularities and skin’s firmness and elasticity. By protecting the surface layer of the skin from heat energy, the risk of pigment change in skin of color is eliminated, and the downtime is truly minimized.

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