G5 has been used for many years in cellulite treatment and lenf drainage. It enables the burning of excess fat and cellulite areas by rapid vibrations and pushing compression method. The G5 has different headers for every skin type.

G5 massage areas are applied after slimming applications to achieve visibly excellent results. G5 massage helps to soothe tense spots and spasms and to eliminate lactic acid and edema accumulated in the muscles after fatigue. Rhythmic massage accelerates blood circulation, reduces aging lines on the skin and provides skin elasticity and a technology that reduces cellulite in a simple way.

G5 massage is one of the methods used especially in regional slimming and is becoming widespread rapidly. With the help of massage, blood flow is accelerated, vessels are opened and body is recovered. G5 massage allows the body to warm up and start fat burning earlier, especially before passive gymnastics.

G5 massage can be applied all over the body, but especially on the buttocks, upper legs, arms, butt and gives more effective results in combating cellulite.

Technical Specifications

Rated voltageAC-110/220V 50/60Hz
Maximum power260W
Measurement102*44* 41cm
Net Weight13.5kg
Gross Weight16kg
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