Phanes Beauty Germany


As Phanes Beauty Germany and Cha Academy of Cosmetology, we are happy to provide training as a European company for the first time in Pakistani history. Permanent make-up, our first training, attracted great attention. We had a busy week with the leading participants in Pakistan’s beauty industry, we had fun and completed our training.

Nadia Hussain Khan, the world’s leading influencer, also attended the training held in Karachi, Pakistan, and chatted with the participants. After completing the training, Phanes Beauty Germany trainers, who participated in Pakistan’s biggest television program, introduced our company to the people of Pakistan and gave brief information about the upcoming training.

Phanes Beauty Germany Chairman of the Board Ahmet Akın and Phanes Beauty Pakistan Director Dr. Ali Raees said in a joint statement that “We will continue our training throughout Pakistan and they will continue their training in Islamabad and Lahore after Karachi”.

In addition, President Akın stated that they will start the sales of Phanes Germany devices in Pakistan soon and they will be pleased to bring German quality to Pakistan as soon as possible.
The participants, who showed great interest to our trainers, stated that they are looking forward to meeting again for the 2nd part of the training soon.

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