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Ahmet Akın and Ertekin Aykaç are businessmen, who managed to be the pioneer of the sector with the beauty and medical aesthetic devices they produced in Europe. They made a difference to the rival companies with the devices they produced.

Ahmet Akın and Ertekin Aykaç are businessmen who manufacture devices in the beauty and medical aesthetics sector in Germany became the pioneers of Europe in the sector.

Phanes Beauty, the leading company in the beauty industry in Europe, will introduce the new generation of smart beauty devices manufactured in Germany to its users in 2022. At the launch, Chairman of the Board of Directors Ahmet Akın and CEO of the company Ertekin Aykaç jointly introduced the technologies that will provide new generation remote control and technical support.



Providing information about new technologies, Ahmet Akın said, “As it is known, we produce the design, software, and technologies of our devices in Germany. We will carry the sector further with new generation remote control and beauty technologies that will bring German engineering and quality even more in 2022. We look forward to bringing the new generation of smart beauty and aesthetic devices. Phanes Beauty research and development studies have been completed to the users. We want to maximize customer satisfaction with ease of use and reporting for users. Furthermore, worldwide technical support and minimum breakdowns. This new technology, designed for the first time in the world, will bring new horizons to the sector.


Noting that they have turned the pandemic process into an opportunity, the company managers stated that they will carry their targets further in 2022 and export to 75 countries. Planning to open a Middle East head office in Dubai soon and to be more active in the Middle East. Phanes Beauty Germany is currently exporting to 51 countries. Having found beauty academies in Europe with device production. Two successful entrepreneurs are planning to branch out under the Charon brand soon and share their experiences with their customers around the world with their own devices and concept.


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