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Skin ARC Cold Plasma System is a new generation cold plasma technology used for the first time in the Europe. German engineering and 100% German production comes together with new Phanes technology . 

It is a hybrid skin repair system where you can have much more effective results by using hot and cold plasma energy at the same time, increasing the average plasma effect 6 times. 

With new Cold plasma system, it is ensured that the skin can repair itself by causing conscious and minimal damage, and recovery is provided in that area by shrinking the tissue. 

Brown spots do not occur during the process like other plasma technologies. 1-3 sessions can be applied according to the needs of the treatment. 

The Hybrid System Cold ARC transforms the gaseous nitrogen and water vapor in the area where the application will be made into plasma energy by giving high energy.

Cold ARC technology delivers nitrogen plasma energy to the epidermal layer of the skin rapidly, with thermal conductivity, it is aimed to treat with rapid heating in the deeper dermal structure. 


The new  Cold plasma energy is used by converting gas into plasma. When the plasma meets the epidermis, heat is generated and the oxygen on the surface of your skin is destroyed before it evaporates. The aim here is to remove the moisture in the area to be treated and to help the body’s self-healing process by drying that area. 

The heat generated during the procedure stimulates the collagen in the dermis layer and triggers fibroplasia, that is, the body’s healing mechanism against injuries.

 During fibroplasia, fibroblast activity increases and a very high level of collagen production begins to occur in the skin. Collagen secretion, which comes to a standstill in our skin, especially after the age of 35, is effective in decreasing the quality of our skin and prolonging the recovery period. 

With the new technology, you can have a brand new smooth healthy skin that increases the secretion of collagen in the skin.

 In this way, there is a significant improvement in the lower layer of the skin and a maximum level of skin renewal in the upper layer of the skin and a significant improvement in the appearance of the skin.

Skin Arc
Skin Arc


  1. Skin Spots Repair
  2. Skin care
  3. Accelerating Collagen Production
  4. Sunspots care repair
  5. Surgery scar, non-healing wound repair
  6. Face lifting and lifting effect
  7. Eye edges repair
  8. Eczema Treatment
  9. Crow’s feet wrinkle care repair
  10. Non-surgical low eyelid repair
  11. Repair of under-eye bags
  12. Repair of under-eye wrinkle care repair
  13. Forehead Wrinkle Repair
  14. Maintenance repair of barcode lines on the upper lip
  15. Repair of body cracks
  16. Tightening of pores
  17. Skin problems (Eczema, psoriasis, fungus, rosacea, etc.)
  18. Decollate and neck recovery
  19. Treatment of postpartum cesarean section scars
  20. Non-Surgical Removal
  21. Wart and callus repair
  22. Repair of hair follicles
  23. Strengthening hair follicles after hair transplantation
  24. Reducing and stopping Hair Loss
  25. Treatment of Dandruff in Hair
  26. Solution of sweating problems (underarm-hand-foot)
  27. Acne and acne treatment
  28. Scar Treatment
  29. Nail fungus treatment
  30. Thin and weak nail strengthening (hand and foot)
  31. Antiaging Rejuvenation
  32. Heel Cracked Treatment
  33. Foot Rejuvenation and Care
  34. Hand and skin Wrinkle Treatment
  35. Tattoo removal
Skin Arc



Hybrid Cold Plasma energy treatments do not require dressing, are easy to apply, safe and do not interfere with the daily life of the person. It is not a surgical application, it is an extremely simple and comfortable application. 

We can say that one of the biggest advantages of plasma energy is that it affects both the upper and lower layers of the skin. Since the effect is deep, the healing movement starting from the lower layers of the skin increases the permanence of the treatment at a high rate. 

Hybrid Cold Plasma treatments, which provide solutions to the problems of people who want to rejuvenate and get rid of all the negative effects of years on our skin, will rejuvenate people and increase their self-confidence.

Hybrid plasma energy, which has strong anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory effects, has a system that has been determined to be effective and safe for use on human skin without damaging the skin barrier. Gases such as gaseous oxygen and nitrogen are converted into plasma energy with a special technology. 

The rapid heating created by the continuous flow of these gases triggers a much faster regeneration process in the lower layers of the skin. 

One of the best parts is that it only injures the targeted tissues and does not damage the surrounding tissues. Therefore, it is extremely safe to use on human skin. 

With a mechanism that also reduces inflammation by targeting harmful microorganisms and bacteria on the skin, it can address both skin problems such as acne and aging signs such as fine lines and wrinkles, simultaneously addressing different patient groups. 

The reparative and regenerative effect of cold plasma technology under the skin can be accelerated even more by using products for the current skin problem. The energy of cold plasma can facilitate the penetration of the active ingredients in the products applied before the procedure into the skin cells. 

This technology, which is known to improve microcirculation, is also frequently preferred by patients aged 35 and over, where collagen and elastin production begin to decrease significantly with its anti-aging effects.

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