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Although aging is inevitable, delaying aging and slowing down the process is no longer as difficult as it used to be. Explaining the secrets of looking young, Ahmet Akın said, “You can slow down this aging process by applying the right applications to your skin.” 

Stating that there are positive developments in the sector every day, Ahmet Akın said, “The beauty industry has made incredible progress in recent years, especially in Turkey. With this progress, state-of-the-art products took their place in the sector in order to meet the needs on skin care. As such, we can say that those who have skin care have started to rejuvenate with more effective solutions.”

“You should always use a product that contains a moisturizing and nourishing formula”

Emphasizing the importance of moisturizing the skin, Ahmet Akın said, “Everyone knows what a dried fruit looks like. Dry skin changes color, becomes wrinkled, dull and thin. Because the skin has lost its moisture. You should use a moisturizing base to prevent lines and wrinkles from forming on your skin. You should always use a product that contains a moisturizing and nourishing formula.

Thus, your skin will look younger and fresher. Use creamy concealers for your under eyes. As the age progresses, bruises and wrinkles around the eyes begin to increase. We recommend using creamy concealers to hide them. Don’t use powder concealers because they make eye imperfections stand out more. Especially when buying creamy concealer, buy products with a special formula that reflects light. Use your ring finger to apply the concealer around your eyes. Move it towards the inner corner of the eye to hide the shadows,” she said.


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