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Ahmet Akın, Chairman of the Board of Phanes Beauty Germany, which produces beauty devices, gave important tips to those who want to have personal care.

Beauty devices manufacturer and supplier Phanes Beauty Germany Chairman Ahmet Akın, giving important warnings to those who will have personal care in beauty centers, said, “When you want to beautify your skin, don’t be afraid of your health, make a very good research and entrust your skin to the right devices and products.” Akın, who especially warned about beauty devices and equipment called under the stairs, reminded that there are permanent damage to the skin after wrong treatment and interventions in businesses that do not have the necessary permission documents and reliable devices approved by the Ministry of Health. Akın stated that there are many case files in courthouses due to incorrect treatment caused by beauty devices produced under the stairs.

Stating that it is very important that the legal and international documents of the devices used by the beauty centers are complete and complete, and that the clients suffer as a result of the use of illegal devices, Ahmet Akın said, “The number of beauty centers that perform many different procedures such as laser hair removal and skin care is increasing day by day. It is extremely important that the applications are carried out in a controlled manner by physicians or authorized persons who have received specialization training.Another important issue is that the devices or cosmetic products used are complete with the necessary documents, permits and certificates approved by the Ministry of Health and internationally.Devices without permits and documents or processes with products can often cause many problems in the person. Those who suffer from these problems in their bodies also complain about beauty centers. Thus, both the beauty center officials and those who come for treatment are serious. suffering suffering. They sell devices to many clinics and beauty centers in Turkey and Europe, unfortunately, under the name of manufacturers, for devices that do not even have documents. In the majority of applications, it is necessary to make measured, calculated and careful applications. For example, let’s talk about filling and botox application, a simple mistake you make can cause blindness or partial paralysis, or an unconscious application with ultrasound system devices to the edge of the lip may cause an asymmetrical facial appearance. We know that many different products or devices that are not approved by the Ministry of Health are used in such places because the price is cheaper. This kind of under-the-counter manufacturers, who act with the idea of ​​how much profit and how much profit I can make from this business without considering human health too much, create serious grievances for patients with many devices used without the approval of the ministry.

Reminding that if the wrong applications made with such legal and undocumented devices occur even once, the damage remains irreversible, Akın said, “It can cause serious both physical and psychological destruction for the patient. For this, it is necessary to obtain reliable devices from reliable companies and by making a serious research.”



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